Brosnan C. Hoban expressed his love for God at a very young age. Since Brosnan was 4 years old, he would share his faith by wearing t-shirts that stated “God Rules” and “King of Kings, Lord of Lords”. Brosnan’s parents would describe him as their “Faith Baby”, which was due to his birth after tragically losing their son Brendan, who was born with heart complications and cognitive disability.

During high school, Brosnan met his future wife Paige Malezi. Brosnan and Paige then went on to attend college together at Duquesne University and soon after tied the knot on May 29, 2016.

During Brosnan’s time at Duquesne University he became very interested in Politics and Religion. Brosnan began to voice his opinions on the various topics pertaining to his faith and political views via social media. Brosnan’s conservative approach and straightforward thinking are what put him among the biggest public figures in his field.

Brosnan credits his parents and wife for supporting him and encouraging him to spread God’s word to the world throughout his childhood and young adult life.

Brosnan is now a well respected Political Commentator and Evangelist. He uses Social Media and Professional News Outlets to voice his thoughts and opinions on faith, politics & current events.

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